Benefits of an online coach.....

Less expensive than in-person trainers. This should be universal. If not, you have either found the most expensive online coach or the cheapest in-person trainer possible.

As alluded to above, coaches are typically more experienced. Being online allows us to have a nationwide pool of clients which let us focus specifically on working with competitors. Your local small town trainer just isn’t going to have the same kind of opportunities to work with as many athletes. Having a thorough program spelled out for you. As my team of coaches we are legitimate bodybuilding prep coaches and we cannot skimp or lack detail when it comes to weight training, cardio, nutrition, or supplementation.

What can you expect from the process? Initially we’ll have a brief phone call, during which time one of our coaches will give you the 30,000 foot view of the approach to contest prep, and you get your chance to interview them and see if you think they are the right coach to help you. If you connect with them things start to move very quickly at that point. They’ll have you complete a questionnaire and submit your initial progress pictures as quickly as possible, and we’ll schedule a Skype session for your formal orientation/interview. This will last about an hour, and is their chance to really get to know you and help them design the best possible program for you. They’ll also map out what the competitive year is going to look like for you, and discuss your physique’s strengths, weaknesses, and areas we’ll be focusing on based on your progress photos.

Benefits of an online coach.....

In the world of competitive bodybuilding – which for the sake of this discussion is the term we will use to also cover bikini, figure,and men’s & women’s physique – one thing is certain: if you go it alone, the potential for things to suck goes way up. Most people recognize the need for some sort of guidance to help them through the process. Some realize the moment they decide to compete that they are in way over their heads and immediately begin searching for a qualified, steady hand to guide them. Others figure it out after a few weeks. Some actually compete – sometimes more than once! – before deciding that they could place better and enjoy the process a bit more with someone else calling the shots.

So once you’ve decided you are ready for help, who do you turn to? If you ask Google for a bodybuilding trainer in your town, you’re going to get pages of results from people who have never competed because hey, we’re all trainers and we’re all in the business of building bodies, right? Whoever you meet with, ask about their experience in the actual realm of competitive bodybuilding.

Unless you’re in a big city, your chances of finding a qualified trainer that is local to you, qualified, and available is sketchy at best. If this is your situation – then you’re not alone – an online coach might be your best option. Just as with an in-person trainer, finding a good online caoch can be tricky – your best bet is to interview several and find one that you feel has the right level of experience and concern for your long -term health (this is important).

Competing is supposed to be a fun, rewarding, insightful, and social experience. Joining the Physiques on Point team and we’ll help take some of the pressure off your shoulders and gives you a built-in support network to make it a more positive experience


Regardless of the division you choose to compete in – bodybuilding, physique, figure, or bikini – your posing is possibly the single most important element in determining your success.

Bodybuilding, figure, whatever division you compete in – the sport is very much based on illusion. As we diet down we are, by the very nature of the process, getting smaller. But as the cuts appear, striations deepen, and body fat goes away, the underlying muscles are made to look bigger. That illusion is then enhanced – hopefully – by your posing. How you hold and present yourself on stage is everything. If you have a great physique but can’t properly display it, it will be obvious to everyone watching. Similarly if you have an average physique but can really nail the presentation, you might just win the whole show. The keys are practice, trying different things, practice, getting 2nd opinions and extra eyes, and more practice.

As part of the contest prep cycle, everyone should include regular posing practice, and it should be more frequent closer to the show. All the body cues you go through while looking into the mirror (hips turned a little more, drop that shoulder, more knee bend, get the elbows wider) need to be automatic. It should go without saying (though it’s often forgotten) that you need to be able to do all this without the benefit of a mirror, as well.

And yes ladies, if you’re competing in figure or bikini your posing practice must be done in your shoes. You need to be comfortable in those things both walking around gracefully and standing in place for extended periods of time. There are other benefits of practicing your posing besides just making sure you can present yourself competently on stage. It’s hard work, and if you do it right it can count as cardio. You’ll also improve your conditioning while doing what you’re training for – think of your time in the gym as doing endless squats to prepare for a bikrace. Sure, it’s helpful, but maybe you should spend more time on your bike pedaling. Same thing with posing practice, as posing is what you are doing on stage – not lifting weights. Practice is key. As part of my consultation services, we also offer coaching on posing for all divisions. Don’t let your show date get too close on the calendar before you start really spending some dedicated time to practice your posing.


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